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Welcome to Planning Australia.

Planning Australia's Headquaters

Planning Australia is a Brisbane based town planning consultancy which specialises in land use planning, statutory planning and general town planning work related to land development. Planning Australia provides advice and support to a wide range of private, corporate and public sector clients.

Company director Denis Brown has over 30 years experience in the sector, and has built an excellent reputation as a leader in the field. His colleagues Peter Clarke, and Deborah Almering are also widely experienced and highly regarded within the sector.

Our Focus

At Planning Australia we believe that proper conceptualisation of a project is fundamental to its likely success. This is achieved by obtaining the necessary entitlements (use rights) and in its successful implementation and acceptance by the market.

Accordingly, Planning Australia seeks to formulate proposals which are well considered at the outset and to involve at an early stage, where appropriate, the inputs from related disciplines.

The main areas of activity at Planning Australia are:

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