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Denis Brown – Director

After completing a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Queensland in 1975 Denis went on complete aGraduate Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning at the Queensland Institute of Technology (now QUT). Whilst completing this qualification he began work as a town planner at the Brisbane City Council (BCC) in 1976.

Denis continued working for the BCC for 19 years, after working as a town planner for four years he was made a senior town planner in 1980 and then a principal town planner in 1987.

In 1995 Denis joined Planning Australia as a director of the already established town planning practice. His work at Planning Australia has involved consulting on a wide range of projects involving State Government instrumentalities, various Local Governments and a number of development industry and other private sector clients.

Denis is now the sole director of Planning Australia, and has built up an excellent reputation for his extensive and in depth knowledge, high level of skill, and attention to detail.

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Deborah Almering – Principal Town Planner

Deborah worked with the South Australian Department of Lands for a number of years within the Survey Division and the Registrar General Division. In 1989 Deb relocated to Brisbane and worked as an Urban Planner with Ken Todd Town Planning Pty Ltd, and then with the Logan City Council.

In 1998 Deb began her own consultancy business IQ Planning, and it is in this capacity that she works with Planning Australia, as well as on a number of projects for other planning firms, and related government departments. Through this process Deb has developed exceptional skills across a range of planning disciplines, and her insight into diverse planning projects makes her an asset to Planning Australia.

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